Taming the Beast – Get a Hold on Your Recruiting Software

In today’s age of human resources enterprise technology, everything seems to revolve around utilizing software to get ahead in the business world. Whether it be making work flow more efficient, cutting costs, or organizing team collaboration- there are a myriad of functions that enterprise recruiting software and applicant management systems can serve. However, with the number of options for software out there and the number of features per piece of software, it can often be a daunting and confusing process to pick and set up the perfect solution for your company.

We need to remember that the technology is there to serve us- not the other way around. So the question is, how can we create a work environment where our recruiting software is serving us, making us more efficient, and boosting the collaboration our company requires?

The first step is to find recruiting software that is dead simple to set up. The setup is often telling of how smooth the whole process will go- so make sure your recruiting and hiring solution fulfills the requirement of simplicity first. No matter how many bells and whistles the software touts, if the process is too complicated for your hiring managers and recruiters to utilize, nothing else matters.

In today’s technological age, software that you need to install directly to your hard drive (the type that comes as a CD installation disk) is an artifact of the past. Utilizing HR software that lives in the cloud (or online) will save you a ton of hassles and will work to keep your company’s applicant management process simpler. There are a number of reasons that working online can save your company time and money. It is as simple as your employees logging in and accessing data from any computer that has internet access. Greater access to your applicant management system means greater efficiency- whether a hiring manager is working from home and needs to collaborate with a recruiter downtown, or a manager is away on vacation and needs to deliver urgent data.

Collaboration is king in the recruiting software field, I cannot stress this enough. No matter how fast a piece of software runs, or how many bells and whistles it has, its primary function needs to be a conduit that your employees can communicate through.

Sometimes it helps to look at your recruiting software like any other nifty online applications or social networks that people utilize on an everyday basis for communication. Imagine if Facebook or Myspace lacked the functionality to make it super-easy to communicate, message, post and browse. No matter how many other bells and whistles the social network had (video uploading features, location based technology, etc.) it wouldn’t matter- the application would not get any users.

Recruiting and Applicant Management software should not differ from your everyday social networking site in this manner. It needs to fulfill its basic needs before it can offer anything beyond that. When you are shopping for an enterprise HR software vendor, make sure you keep this in mind as you demo and preview their product.

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Why All Companies Need a Social Media Policy

If you do not have a social media policy, your company could be at risk for defamation lawsuits, disclosure of proprietary information, intellectual property infringement and other unwanted lawsuits or issues that could harm your company’s image and brand, whether or not you are regularly engaged in it. By putting a policy into place, you are not only protecting your company, more importantly, you are putting your employees on notice of expected behaviors that should help avoid or curtail potential problems for your company.

Defamation lawsuits – Defamation lawsuits are on the rise as unhappy employees and customers post their “gripes” to the open world. A policy that prohibits employees from posting comments without a disclaimer that they are individual views and not company views can help a company avoid a defamation situation should an employee post comments that could be associated with your company.

Disclosure of proprietary information – Preventing its spread is very difficult once it hits the internet particularly if it goes viral. A social media policy should prohibit disclosure of confidential or proprietary information to prevent risk of its exposure.

Intellectual property infringement – Under current law, copyright and trademark holders can go after those who utilize copyrighted material and trademarks without permission. A social media policy should prohibit use of intellectual property of any type without explicit permission from the owner of the property for use.

Company image – Many businesses have been represented in negative ways by employees including company gossip, confidentialities, inappropriate pictures, client information and controversial comments. A social media policy should define what online behavior and language is acceptable from employees. Your employees represent your company by affiliation at all times, whether or not they are on the clock.

With the increasing benefits of social media to use as a tool for professional marketing and considering that social media is a consistent factor in many employee’s personal lives, it is crucial that companies have policies in place to manage and monitor what is being said and how their companies may be perceived. With a social media policy in place, if employees breach it, your business will be in a position legally to respond. Most companies put a lot of time, energy and money into building and promoting their brands, social media policies are an important part of protecting it.

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Mobile Phones and Their Benefits on the Youth

According to the latest studies, at least 75% of US teens own their own mobile phone, and with the modern smartphone in play, these devices are a great deal more than just a phone for texting or talking. Most mobile phones now have the capacity to function like a mini computer, with fast internet connection, videos, texting, games, email, pictures, and really apps for almost anything. There are of course claims that this almost insistent availability of media provided to the youth can have a negative impact. However it does come with many positive advantages, which might consist of –

Communication – one of the most significant benefits to the mobile phone for the youth is their ability to always be easy to contact. Having the option of using a mobile if a difficult situation should arise is always a great advantage. Also, from the parent’s point of view, it gives great piece of mind in knowing that a child is always easy to communicate with.

Security – for the youth, having instant access to a mobile phone is highly desirable in an emergency situation and might well make a significant different in a life or death situation. For the less serious situation, such as locking themselves out of the home, it will be quite simple to get in contact with the parents and ask for help. Also, the mobile phone can be used as an effective tracking device, which means should the need arise; it would be possible for the police to track the precise location of the child via the phones signal.

Engagement – a mobile phone has also been effective in its use as a tool for connecting youth in rural areas or developing counties, where access to landline phones or the internet might not yet be available. In these areas with limited connectivity, the mobile phone is being put to great use to let the youth connect with the world at large. Allowing them to gain access to information they might not otherwise have access too.

Time Management – it is also possible to use a youths desire to own a mobile phone by encouraging self-discipline, the correct us of communication devices, and also social etiquette. Have in place a set limit of text messages and talk time and have them stick to those limits. If a teen is able to abide by these rules, you can of course reward them. This is often an effective step to help a youth learn to keep an agreement and also prioritize their time.

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Math Games – Paving the Way to Learning Math the Fun Way

I remember the days when I had math subjects. Let us just say that it is a vast understatement for me to say that I was not looking forward to joining math classes. Math has never been one of my favorite subjects, and that is that. I never could understand why I had one or two classmates who seemed to know how to work given numbers to result to the supposed answer. It is a reality that many students dislike having to learn math, especially when the subject gets more advanced and more complicated. There are many that can not easily grasp the concept of number put into equation to yield more numbers.

Sometimes, as a result of not being able to understand mathematical concepts, students just veer away from listening to math lessons. This often happens when the topics turn more advanced when the student has not been quite able to grasp past topics yet. Technology, however, has offered a new concept to learning math, through math games.

What are some things that can always perk you out of boredom or disinterest? One of the first things that you probably think of is game. Games can always bring about fun and a sense of interaction and camaraderie from all those who participate in it. In the case of math, math games have been found to be an effective solution towards stimulating interest in mathematics and willingness to learn about it from the students.

Math games explored

Think about the games you usually play on your computer, particularly the ones that are question and answer in nature. Now think of these games in terms of math. Yes, math games can be that, a software program that you can play with on your computer. Math games as a software program, just like with any computer games, have levels that you need to do along the way. Software programs for math games also offer teaching of math lessons or tutorials as you go along the levels of the games. This is incorporated with visuals and graphics and voice-over fit for teaching of the subject. Many schools use math games to enhance the students learning of the subject and many parents also cater purchase math games software to help their sons or daughters to understand the subject more.

The Advantages of math games

What do you feel while playing games? You feel enjoyment. The concept of math games may be for an academic purpose, but it is designed to make students feel that they are merely playing any other game. The purpose that math games were created is to let students have fun while learning a subject that a lot consider to be difficult. Math games propagate learning by helping the students understand it more. This is because students can learn math in their own pace, and if they are still confused with some past lessons in math, math games software allow them to browse back on those lessons and learn them again. It also propagates fun by the series of games that students have to play in relation to the subject. Students can also measure their progress by checking the level that they have attained and by considering the questions they have correctly answered.

In choosing what math games software to buy for your students or for your child, consider their learning paces and their visual interests. There is a number of math games software available today that can cater to wide variety of expectations.

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