Spotting Scope Cleaning Tips

Your spotting scope or binoculars enjoys a place pride in your travel gear. It is obvious you want to keep it in top shape and condition always. A few simple care and cleaning tips can help you keep your spotting scope really clean. Here’s what you need to do.

Make room for your spotting scope in your work area

Before you get down to cleaning it, make sure the working area you choose for the job is clean in the first place. There is no point in opening the item and exposing the lenses and frame to dirt and grime. Another reason for cleaning the working area is to get enough space to keep all the parts, the tools and the manuals of the spotting scope in one place. Before you begin cleaning, make sure you have some paper towels as well as soft cloth handy. Soft brushes and cleaning solutions are useful too.

Cleaning Solutions

It is not always possible to clean dirt and grime with water and detergent. In fact, soap and cleaning agents may leave abrasions on the surface of the glass or frame of your gadget. Instead, ask your binocular supplier to recommend a non-solvent cleaning solution. Use a soft brush to reach the insides of the product. You can also try a can of compressed air to help you clean difficult-to-reach parts of the gadget.

Here’s what you can do

Clean the scope at regular intervals instead of making it a once-in-a-year or six-monthly affair. Moreover, you can use a dust cover to cover the scope when you are not using it. Alternatively, you can also use the product case that your dealer has provided when you bought the gadget. You may sometimes find it difficult to clean certain parts of the scope, especially the interiors. Make sure you take your spotting scope to the dealer for servicing at regular intervals. The dealer is bound to have special equipment for cleaning such gadgets.

Here’s what you should avoid doing

Harsh and direct sunlight can damage the scope. Hence you must avoid keeping your scope for too long in the outdoors. Also, do not leave it to dry under harsh sunlight after you have finished cleaning it with a cleaning solution. Do not place your spotting scope close to chemicals or liquids that can cause corrosion.

All said and done, you need to make sure, you use your spotting scope carefully to make it last a long time.

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