Top 5 Apple Apps for Realtors

My top priority in 2010 was increasing my productivity in this Real Estate market. I am pleased with how efficient I have become and I relate a lot of my success to a recently purchase iPad. The following list highlights the Apple apps that I have found to be most functional and valuable.

Keynote – Keynote can be compared to Microsoft’s Power Point. It allows you to put together an enhanced presentation following surprisingly simple steps. This app allows you to easily add tables, charts, media, and graphics to your slideshow presentation. This app is especially useful for listing presentations. A slideshow could include market statistics, local competitor stats, and testimonials. Take advantage of this app today and show your clients how technologically savvy you are.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a free application that allows you to take your documents, photos, and videos wherever you go. After installing Dropbox on each of your computers and devices you will be able to “drop” an item in the box and then find it located on each device. Downloading Dropbox allows all contracts, short sale documents, and real estate scripts to be available at your fingertips. If a bank requests a copy of a contract, it can be sent to them using a link to your Dropbox. This puts a whole new meaning to working on the go! This application is free but its value to a business is priceless.

Open Home Pro – This is a must have for all real estate professionals looking to effectively run an open house. This will allow you to operate in a paperless environment. Simply tap on the application, enter the basic details regarding the listing, and you are ready to do your job. When buyers arrive, they will quickly sign in providing their name and contact information. Once they have completed the sign in process, the screen reads “Please hand the iPad back to your Real Estate Agent.” This app allows you to email each client after the open house thanking them for stopping by and updating them in the future if there are any price reductions.

GoodReader – This app allows you to make notes on a PDF file using text boxes, popup comments, text highlights, freehand drawings, lines, arrows, rectangles, ovals, cloud shapes, text underlines, strikeouts, and text insertion marks. This app allows you to easily notate important PDF content for future reference.

DocuSign – DocuSign is a free app available to all customers taking advantage of their online service. You are able to send, track, and sign documents anytime and anywhere. This app is not only beneficial to the professional, but to clients as well. This allows them to electronically sign contracts and any pertinent documents with ease. They can immediately reply sending them back to me without delay. In this business 24 hours can make or break a deal. Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can complete today.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. It surely has increased the productivity of my business. If you have any questions, please let me know.

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Mobile OS Developers Could Use Help With Bug Tracking

Both Google and Apple must improve their internal bug tracking capability to protect their users’ information and devices, according to recent reports from various industry experts.

While cyber criminals appear to have mastered malware aimed at both consumer and enterprise computers, their attention has shifted to the growing mobile customer base. As products, such as Apple’s iPhone and Android-based smartphones, become increasingly popular, it’s imperative that development teams place bug tracking atop their priority list.

For Apple, a bug in its iOS caused many people to oversleep on New Year’s Day. An issue with the changing years affected those using one-time alarm clock features, while iPhone customers who use recurring alarm clock settings did not experience the problem. Older versions of the iPhone were not affected by the bug, however, users of iOS 4.1 and 4.2.1 relying on their alarm were not awoken properly.

In the past, Apple has experienced issues with its alarm clock settings during Daylight Savings Time in the United States. However, recurring alarm settings were the problem at that point. The company has remained quiet as usual, likely opting to respond by assigning bug tracker teams to the problem rather than publicly discussing the failure.

For Android, its potential problems come from the outside. According to a number of sources, Geinimi, a Trojan designed to steal Android user information, has become an issue for many users. Internally, the company cannot do too much to negate the effects of the strain, since it comes from a rogue application designed to trick users into downloading it. However, Android can help protect its users by improving its system’s security by ensuring its project tracking teams and solutions factor in bug tracking and other defense mechanisms during the development of new Android iterations.

With smartphone use booming in the United States and most of the world, cyber criminals will likely stop at nothing to profit as heavily as they can from exploiting security flaws in other popular devices and services, such as wireless internet routers and SaaS applications.

Both Google’s Android workers and Apple’s iOS team are expected to release new versions of their mobile operating systems in 2011, and users want to be protected. However, it’s imperative that smartphone customers of all major brands understand their own responsibilities in terms self defense.

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Addicting Games and Their Impact

We all know that computer games are electronic games played on a personal computer. Computer games are meant for entertainment purposes only. They are built by developers in order to provide people with some means to entertain themselves. So these games come with a warning sign that imitating the stunts and actions at home or anywhere else is strictly prohibited. But there are children and other people who imitate such stunts in real life. This is one of the negative impacts of computer games. But another important negative impact is the addiction that people get to these games. This impact is ignored by many but is one of the prevailing negative impacts of digital entertainment.

Addiction is a problem no matter what people get addicted to. From drugs and drinks to games addiction is a huge problem. Talking about addicting games, there are people who spent a large portion of their daily lives in computer games. Such people play games from hours and hours to an entire day forgetting about any other activity of their daily lives. Due to addiction to games, people miss out on their normal things like school, homework/assignments, studies, real life play time and even lose their social lives. They might not even have a real life and become lifeless, living only in the world of games. All these are some of the negative impacts which are caused by addiction to games.

Addiction to games is caused when gamers spend too much of their time in games. Addiction to games is facilitated by the release of newer advanced games all the time. Even though games take a lot of skilled manpower, high cost and years to develop, a new one is released every now and then. So, when a gamer gets tired of a game, he or she can go out there and get another collection of games to get addicted to. Years pass this way for gamers and they do not even know it. They hardly realize it and when they do, they will have already missed out a lot in their lives.

MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games), multiplayer games, online gaming, gaming communities/clubs, all are holding a lot of addicted gamers. MMORPGs like World of Warcraft and Runescape have millions of online players from all over the world out of which it is said that a large portion of them spend around ten hours a day playing these MMORPGs. So when ten hours a day is spent playing games, very less time is left for other important activities. Such players have their lives online and offline they are out of this world. The games having millions of players get such huge amount of customers with their high budget marketing efforts and with the help of already addicted and awaiting game fan base. So, a lot of time and money is spent on games every year. More over, there are free versions or free games available for kids who cannot pay and once they grow up and are able to play they upgrade to paid versions of the games. This makes it seem like there will be generations of addicted gamers if the trend continues.

But who is to blame for all of this? Is it the gamers or the game developers? They both share the blame but the actual gamers are more to blame. It is because they are the ones who empty their pockets for the games and they are the ones who play it all the time. They should have control of their lives and should only play games for what they are meant for and that is for entertainment purposes. They should not let the games control them and instead have a healthy time playing such games. They should know a limit. The ones who are already addicted to games should fix themselves and involve in more real life activities in order to get their minds off of games. This way, time can be well utilized and games can be played only for entertainment purposes.

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Custom Software Development – An Assurance Towards Perfection and Success

There are many new entrepreneurs with great new ideas and new inventions in the form of products or services. To run businesses better, most of the entrepreneurs need customized software to tailor their business needs. This is when custom software development comes into the picture. Moreover, the business world is a world of speed and accuracy. Everything has to be fast and accurate. It is because of the emergence of this concept that made manual operation obsolete and has brought in the need for custom software development. Now, why is custom software development so much in demand? There are many reasons for it. First and foremost designing software is a time consuming task. Also, since you are getting custom software developed first you can get all your specifications and needs incorporated in it. You need not compromise on anything. You normally get this software developed at a reasonable price. However, it is being custom made and time consuming, it also is very expensive. Also, as the software is developed by the company at the earliest possible it saves you a lot of time and precious money.

There are many software development companies, which come down to the business premises. They have a look at your needs and then keeping in mind your instructions and your needs, they design custom made software. These organizations have lots of young and old software developers, who work round the clock to fulfill your needs.

When you buy and install ready made software or off-the-shelf software, you only make compromises. You compromise on your time, efficiency, performance etc. It is like you have to run it, even if it doesn’t meet all your needs. It is better to go for custom software development because then you can be rest assured that it suits your organizations needs and is not going to trouble you. A quick summary of the advantages of customer software development is listed below:-

1. It doesn’t have any features, which you don’t need.

2. Saves you lots of time.

3. Cuts down your expenses, drastically.

4. It is flexible and you can use it, the way we want.

5. Extremely easy to use and is user friendly.

Custom software development can be effective only, if you find the right software development company. Software development requires an experienced team, who will incorporate all your requirements right from the developing stages. The quality of the software should be great. The software development company should have a great customer support cell and should provide you will all the maintenance and possible support that you will need.

Whether you are planning to outsource the company or are planning to give a local company a chance, you have to conduct a thorough research first. Make sure that the company has a team, which knows your competitors and business requirements and then designs the software, which can give you a cutting edge over the others. With custom software development in hand and ecommerce solutions, your business is sure to experience a drastic change for the good. After this, you will find that time and money will never be short.

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